Film Production

Film production is the process of making a film, from an initial story idea or commission, through
Film production occurs in five stages:

  • Development—The script is written and drafted into a workable blueprint for a film.
  • Pre-production—Preparations are made for the shoot, in which cast and crew are hired, locations are selected, and sets are built.
  • Production—The raw elements for the finished film are recorded.
  • Post-production—The film is edited; production sound (dialogue) is concurrently (but separately) edited, music tracks (and songs) are composed, performed and recorded, if a film is sought to have a score; sound effects are designed and recorded; and any other computer-graphic 'visual' effects are digitally added, all sound elements are mixed into "stems" then the stems are mixed then married to picture and the film is fully completed ("locked").
  • Sales and Distribution—The film is screened for potential buyers(distributors), is picked up by a distributor and reaches its cinema and/or home media audience.

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